Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going banana's

I have a thing for monkey's.... I know, kinda weird aye.  So I've been kinda going a little banana's lately and started to draw around this concept - one thing lead to another and voila' you have the above image.
Everyone is going banana's and yes I've been watching a little too much tv lately, especially the news which makes you go banana's.
I do like banana's though, especially on toast with butter....yum.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

comic with friend

A good friend of mine has giving me a comic draft. So I'm slowly putting together concepts for it.
It's aimed at a young audience...with the characters been somewhat a group of misfits that fit together to make up super hero's.
Going to be a great challenge. It'll be a 12 pg mini comic at this stage. Would love to get it in print too.

Sorry for the late blogging as of late - Time....arrgghhhh!!!!!

Hope all is well to everyone out in cyberspace...:) Bless JC