Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Background and colour up

Used illustrator to do the background and get perspective. Also blocked in colours and hoping to create a bit more atmosphere with some more depth especially in the background.
I've so enjoyed trying to incorporate more texture through patterns into this piece.

Total time taken....on going in between life and work.
Hope to finish this soon.


  1. Someones getting better!!! Look at you! Love the background and all the fine textured wallpaper and lighting. You have a unique style that I would recognize anywhere! Keep them comin dude... dont be afraid to change it up and try something new... ;)

  2. Thanks heaps for your encouraging words Abz.
    I've been loving your textured pieces - such a departure from my edge style....the challenge for me is using my magic mouse to create spontaneous tone.
    What I have enjoyed is the challenge of investing into backgrounds as much as I do with my characters.

    JC :)

  3. Really love all the textures, nice and subtle, it has a nice flow with it not being too overpowering. Love the 'elvis' looking character, he is rockin' it! Well done, nice work :o)

  4. Thank you heaps Misstree for your comments.
    When you setting up shop in cyberspace??