Sunday, July 11, 2010

whole lotta monkey business

These are some images that I've been noodling away at over the last month. The coloured versions are images I did last year and came across them only recently and thought I'd post them as well.
I've felt a bit guilty about not posting more images so I'll post a few more soon.



  1. Hey pal, first off thanks for the comments you post- always nice!

    Second, its so great to see process work from you. The monkey on the bottom is my favorite. The line work and initial circles mking up joints is great to see. I like your looser work, so keep that up! :)

  2. Hey Jason,
    This looks so cool! love seeing the process! :)

  3. Hey Abz, thanks heaps.
    It's always great to pop in and see what you've been doing - very encouraging for me.
    Yeah, I like looking at other artist's underwork too - sometimes it's actually more compelling than finished work.

    Cheers JC

  4. Hello Francisco, welcome and thanks for dropping in.
    Checked out your blog, very cool. I love your sense of colour on the images I've seen so far.

    JC :)