Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peter Jackson caricatures

This is a pen sketch I did quite some years ago. Found it the other day and thought I'd post it online. I cringe when I look at his feet but oh well.... always a WIP, always learning.
I'm still happy with the shading and hatching. 
This one I did up last year. I know at the time I was aiming for a clean feel to it. Which I did find challenging because whatever lines you choose to leave out you hope you can still capture the look of the person.
Done in P/shop


  1. Hey Jason, whassup man, how are ya?
    You know what?? Even though i also like the second drawing a lot, I think I prefer the first one... I love that sketchy style. Great work buddy! ;)

    Thanks for your kind words in my blog :)


  2. Hello there.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Man, it has been crazy.
    We've had like a major earth's been insane.
    I"m posting some pics up soon.
    Certainly makes you appreciate life and loved ones.
    Take care,