Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chris Martin caricature

Taken from inspirational song "lovers in Japan", Coldplay. Went to concert earlier this year, awesome. 
Tools used...inked and coloured in illustrator CS4 - gradient done in P/shop.


  1. Very nice Illustrator work Jason! Great expression. Looks like it was loads of fun to make

  2. Hey Mel, thanks for comment.
    Yeah it was lot's of fun... I really enjoy initial stages, doing sketches before the final image.
    Thanks for visiting...:)

  3. cool sketch jason...kudos
    that chris without a second thought.
    big fan of this pop colour treatment..keep posting more.

    i saw that you dig incubus..
    i lately worked on the concept as a character( not the band) with loki.

    feel free to check these guys at my blog

    im following closely


  4. Hello Manu..thank you so much for coming to visit and for the lovely comments.
    Checked out your blog and will definitely be following myself.
    I'm a HB fan, love Mignola's work - he's the master of such a distinctive style.