Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frankenstein & Mad scientists

I'd love to colour this up one day. Frankey is yet to be refined and inked.
I'd imagined this mad scientist with a small army of crazy bots at his service.
I inked up scientist using micro - thicker pen for outside and smaller for interior's. Quite happy with the result.
Happy thanks-giving :) and how many weeks to go till chrissy!!!! Yay for holidays.


  1. Hey dude,

    Thanks for your comment... it's been forever since we had left each other comments. But hopefully I'll be udating more frequently now. My "dream job"? Hm.. Well, I love painting backgrounds and desiging characters and painting them in photoshop. I guess kinda like what I'm doing now, but with more chracater stuff. :)

    Hows everything on your end? I love the new work btw! Keep posting man!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Hey there Abz...sorry for such late reply.
    I'm loving your stuff that your doing lately. I'm leaving a comment with your latest blog.
    Yeah I'm hanging in there at this stage....doing art when I can.
    As always thanks for popping in and giving up your time, appreciated.

    Happy seasons to ya!!!!