Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry festive season!!!

Hello to everyone. Hope you's all have a awesome christmas and new year. Enjoy your holidays, time with friends and family. God bless and see ya's into the new year of 2010!!!
As always thanks for popping in and also sharing your awesome creative talents. 
:) JC


  1. to you as well my friend! i like the tones of this piece... keep it up! challenge urself for something big for the new year!:)

    take it easy bro

  2. something in this picture makes me look at it more and more..
    very different and hope you do tell me..
    thanks jason for being at my blog and ..
    i cant just sit and wonder how great it would be to enjoy christmas..


    this may be a bit crazy but yesterday i just opened up the refrigerator and took a deep breath of the freon mist ..imagining distant bell chimes and choir and the carol singing.. lights everywhere ..
    and then my wife came in and asked me what it was all about... a few seconds later she said she could feel it too..
    so did my young son..
    i think its the spirit .. and it will certainly live for ever..

    i guess you know im from india so there aint no real winter ..

    happy holidays and may lord bless you and your familiy and everybody around


  3. Hey Abz, yeah sure thing...push myself for next year. Always lots to challenge yourself with. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work on your blog...awesome!!! Take care and onwards into 2010!!!

    Cheers Manoj - Yeah it's fairly hot this time of year in New snow. Maybe I should pop my head in the refridgerator just to cool down (hehe).
    Thanks also for sharing on your blog, it's always inspiring and encouraging to see all this great talent.
    Happy season's to your wife and son

    :) JC

  4. Great post Jason! Really like how everything flows together on this

    Hope your New Year brings you nothing but the best! Look forward to that first 2010 post!

    Keep on keepin on!

  5. esa es una reprecentacionde navidad bien super heroe

  6. Thanks Mel, yep time to get back on the horsey for 2010. Good luck with your writing too. Great way to magnify your characters more.

    Cheers AVS and really enjoyed your skateboard design - very cool!!!