Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 1st doodles

Did this sketch whilst on holiday. It wasn't planned in anyway...just started initially drawing the central character and everything kinda flowed from that. It's nice to have moments when you just draw unplanned.

Some more random sketches.
One on left was the result of flicking through a National geographic magazine and reading about this tribe in Africa. Kinda got the imagination running wild.
The guy on right which I've called Rabbit man is just a weird moment of drawing a pose and then putting ears and a tail on him. Kinda looks funny as a contradiction of muscle bound and cute and fluffy all in one.
Happy New year to all....thanks for visiting...JC


  1. Rabbit man is awesome! Im liking your sketches... what will you do with these characters now that you've developed them?

  2. Hey Abz, thanks.
    I'm really not 100% sure. At the moment I'm enjoying creating characters.
    I have a friend whom is keen to write up a basic comic idea in which I'd draw for it. It'd be a great chance to push myself and also have a goal to work towards.
    An issue I have is committing to one project long enough to see it through completely. It is really about constant motivation for myself.
    How do you keep yourself motivated?

  3. Hello there Francisco - thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.
    Loving your work. You've got a real strong eye for layout and use of font too. Awesome stuff. Really great.
    JC :)