Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BJ Builder logo

A logo design I did last year for my father in law who is a builder. I initially did the blue-line sketch to try and capture the essentials of his character. I felt that it was still a little busy so I re-did the image completely. I went with this one as I felt it more bought out his happy persona' in a exaggerated way.
Did colouring and inking up in Photoshop.


  1. Hey again dude..this looks real fun! I do have a bit of a suggestion! ...or two! :P

    Logos are usually done in Illustrator. Are you familiar with it?

    Second, I feel like its a bit too busy in general for a logo. Logos are usually simple-- think Nike, or Mcdonalds M, or even the pepsi icon. Logos should read just as smoothly when in very tiny tiny print. Shading, details, fine lines, and outlines are usually avoided.

    Composition wise, it would be a bit stronger if it were flat on, in terms of text, rather than in perspective.

    That being said, I so like how you've seemed to capture his character, and I love the little pencil on his ear for detail! ;) Hope to see more logos from you!


  2. Thanks Abz, yes I agree in terms of re-producing for logo you need to consider simplicity when going to black n'white for small print, etc. I did go nuts in terms of colouring and trying out a new technique within that.

    I'm familiar with Illustrator and have done logo's in it...probably post them up at some stage.

    Thanks for feedback about the composition - had done a development which was more front on so it's interesting to get someone else's perspective regarding this.

    Cheers for contributing, always appreciate...JC :)