Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Caricature

A wedding caricature I did just recently. Did to A4 size printed out on nice paper and framed up.
This is the first drawing I've done in the last few weeks....hard making the time. I swore to myself that I wouldn't mentioned how starved I'd be for time on a blog but it's challenging balancing life/work. 
Take care and as alway's thanks for visiting.
...JC :)


  1. hay gracias por visitar mi blog. estas ilustraciones q veo son nuevas me encanta la maquina voladora (Flying machina )

  2. Hey Jason, always very refreshing hearing from you! My one comment would be regarding the eyes...a good tip is to always make a black circle for the pupil, and then draw a white smaller circle inside of it. It'll make the eye pop out much more and give it much more life! Try it! ;)

  3. Thanks AVS - Really enjoying your stuff...cheers for comment on flying machina. Hope to develop that world in future.

  4. Gudday Abz, cheers for critique. Will give that a go.
    About ready to kick back now for weekend and enjoy all this hot weather were having.
    Take care - JC

  5. Thanks for ur comments man! :D