Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cartoon Animation stills

As promised in an earlier post here are some image stills from a recent job I had.
The hero dog above was a lot of fun and the challenge was to create a dynamic look within the constraints of the brief.
One of those constraints was that the animation was to be in 2-D (either front or side-on). So I had to make sure that the pose's were readable and easy for the animator to articulate.
Here's the rest of the animals for which was the interior shot. It was challenging also to find a way to create a visual interest between all the characters so that they could be read easily as the camera moved past them. In the final animation the mouse was moved from the trap as it wasn't seen as appropriate.

Exterior shot of clinic. Also side profile of characters.
I really enjoyed doing the exterior as it's something I haven't done alot of within illustrator.
Major reason for using illustrator was that once images were complete I could hand over the files and not have to worry about yay for illustrator.