Friday, October 2, 2009

Rat me out poser

Some Random remy-esque sketches after watching Ratatouille, one of my favourite Pixar films. Great thing with DVD is been able to slow down and track the movements of the characters for posing. You really get to see how characters move effectively.
Go on - be a poser!!!
One great resource I've found for posing characters has been Preston Blair. Just type in the name on google and you'll find heaps of great tips and techniques. He also bought out a book called Cartoon Animation which might be at your local library or alternatively there's lots of pages floating out there in web-land. One such place is here (ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive). It's a great resource for all sorts of stuff.

This was the result of me playing around with Remy cooking. The shirt kinda came out of watching spiderman 3 the other night...very random but there you go.
Tools used were 3b, hb pencils...little touch-up in photoshop.


  1. heheh awesome that you incorporated the two ( seeing how disney owns marvel it makes even more sense! ;) Great post and thanks for the kind words

  2. Hey there - Thanks for dropping in and leaving a reply and for the encouragement too.
    Really love your varying styles, I know that is something I can definitely work on.
    Disney owns marvel - wow...didn't realise that.